NGOsource is on track to facilitate upwards of $20 billion in unrestricted international grants by the year 2033. This conservative estimate assumes moderate growth in the delivery of ED services alone. We don’t plan to stop there. Given the achievements of the last decade, TechSoup aims to turn a success story into a sustainable model for international philanthropy.

  • How do we create a repository that houses more than just organizations with EDs?
  • How do we ensure that organizations that don’t qualify for ED still have an accessible path to funding?
  • What about non-U.S. funders, emerging civil society entity types, and NGOs seeking other kinds of validation and compliance support?
  • How do we amplify the work of local organizations traditionally excluded from international funds?

In short, how will we continue to partner with philanthropy in ways that reduce resource waste and elevate the voices of communities on the ground, at a global scale?

Together with the larger TechSoup ecosystem of civil society initiatives, we have already begun to explore new collaborations and solutions for these and other questions. As we close out 10 years of NGOsource, we share our vision for the future of civil society at the intersection of international philanthropy. At the core of this vision is the desire to continue building on TechSoup’s long-standing ethos of supporting civil society infrastructure. This includes giving more ownership to civil society organizations all along the philanthropic supply chain by empowering them to leverage their data in ways that amplify local communities and strengthen the sector as a whole.